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August 27
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Zeke stood in his driveway,scanning through his phone once more.It felt like he'd never moved and had just been standing in that same spot for weeks.He kicked up some gravel and sighed as someone came shuffling up the drive.

A small,sincere grew made it's way onto his face as he waved."Hey,Zeke." Said Cyril as the shorter boy approached.
The blonde happily placed a hand on his friend's head to give him a little pat.Cyril blushed instantly and stared at his shoes.

It had been a long time since Zeke found himself to look the other in the eye and,depending on how today went it could be the last.Cyril quickly pulled back a bit and looked up at the tall blonde curiously."S-so,you needed something?" he asked.
Zeke nervously gave his cheek a light scratch and glanced around,trying to think of what he would have done before.

He ended up leading Cyril downstairs,into the basement though,he did think it would be rather dangerous to be alone with him.
Self control was important,so Zeke decided he needed to practice that and remember to scold himself.
Cyril sat on the old dirty couch and Zeke,across from him on one of his busted amps.

Cyril's amber orbs stared into Zeke's green,his curious gaze holding for some time.It was obvious he was waiting for Zeke to explain himself but,the blonde hadn't exactly thought of a real game plan.He hadn't thought of what to say so,rushing in with a bright red face and no warning,he blurted "I love you!!"

There was an awkward silence and nothing but blank stares for the longest time.
Suddenly,Cyril went pink and stood,putting as much distance between himself and Zeke as he could."I'm not dumb enough to fall for something like that again,Zeke!" he shouted angrily."It wasn't funny the first time and it isn't funny now!"

Zeke grit his teeth,oh yeah.He'd nearly forgotten about his reputation.It would take a little more than that to convince Cyril.
The blonde stood and took a step toward the other,who naturally backed away."I told you,Zeke! I will NOT sleep with you!!" he shouted as he ran in a circle to avoid Zeke's grasp.The black haired boy inevitably tripped over some clutter on the floor and was at the mercy of Zeke.

However,much to Cyril's surprise Zeke didn't kiss him,or take of his clothes,or do anything sexual at all.
Instead he just held him close,making sure their eyes did not meet as,he was still much too shy.
"Please..." Zeke begged,halfway out of breath.

His eyes narrowed solemnly as he hugged Cyril tighter."Believe me.." he muttered."I don't want anyone else to have you.I want you to be with me.." The shock didn't seem to end,Cyril's eyes widened at Zeke's words.He pulled back so he could look at the other with misty eyes.

"Zeke..." Cyril cried,darting back into the hug."I-I'm in love with you,too...!!" he admitted.
Zeke was overcome with happiness and shock,he couldn't resist placing kisses all over his sweet little Cyril's face.
In the back of his mind,he was still worried about that whole 'love' thing and staying dedicated.

Cyril's grip suddenly grew tighter and he buried his face deeper into Zeke's arms.He began to mutter something that was barely audible.
"Z-Zeke .... I promised myself I'd never sleep with you...b-because it would be empty if...i-if you didn't love me."
Zeke cocked a brow,could it be true?
"S-s-so..." Cyril trailed off.

Yes! Zeke didn't know anything about love but,sex was his thing! Without much hesitation,Zeke grabbed Cyril by the waist and slammed him onto his creaky mattress.


It was later that day,Cyril was trying to sleep after 'dying of embarrassment'.He still laid nude in Zeke's bed.
Zeke,was half clothed and standing outside in the garage.He tic tac-ed through his phone contacts until he spotted Sean's name.
Then,he sent him a text identical to the one Cyril received,asking for Sean to be at his place in an hour or so.

For,today's events were hardly finished.

Looks like Zeke's been busy but,as the text states we're not done yet!

Zeke,Cyril,Sean © TheEscape-Kyo
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The-Adorkable-Nerd Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeeee Can't wait to see x3
oO-chemo-shmemo-Oo Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
at first i thought this was about geo making his decision and i nearly cried
TheEscape-Kyo Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
nu nu 

that shall come at a later time
oO-chemo-shmemo-Oo Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014

how much later

also we should totes properly rp
cris and geo sometime
TheEscape-Kyo Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
whenever he's ready

this i agree with
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